Moonbeam DK Pattern Jumper and Cardigan



Moonbeam DK Pattern 9626 Jumper and Cardigan.

You will need: 1 pair 4mm (UK 8 – US 6) needles. 1 pair 4.5mm (UK 7 – US 7) needles, stitch holders. Cardigan: 5 buttons.

Pattern Errata: LEFT FRONT Using 4.5mm needles cast on 7sts. Working in modified st st (see note at beg of pattern) throughout, shape hem as follows: Row 1 (RS): K to end. Cast on 7 sts at beg of next and foll 1[1:2:3:2] alt rows, then 9 sts at beg of foll 0[0:0:0:1] times. 21[21:28:35:37] sts. Work 1 row, ending with WS facing for next row. Cast on 1[6:4:1:5] sts at beg of next row. 22[27:32:36:42] sts. HEM With RS facing and using 4mm needles pick up and knit 22[26:34:36:42]sts evenly along cast on edge of left front. Next row(WS): Purl. Now work in patt as given for hem of back until front matches back. Cast off  Shape Front neck Hem With RS facing and using 4mm needles pick up and knit 76[86:90:98:102] sts evenly along cast-on edge of front.

Size (in)32/3436/3840/4244/4648/50
Blue Basalt 39601011121314


Size (in)32/3436/3840/4244/4648/50
Silver Lining 39571112131415


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