Linen Drape DK Pattern Sweater & Cardigan



Linen Drape DK Pattern 9508 Sweater & Cardigan

You will need: 1 pair of 3.25mm (UK10 – USA3) knitting needles, 1 pair of 4mm (UK8 – USA6) knitting needles. Stitch holders. Also for Cardigan: 7[8:8:8:9] buttons, 1.5cm, ⅝in.

Pattern Errata: Sweater neckband Neckband With rs of work facing, using 3.25mm needles and CC, pick up and k4 sts down sleeve top, 6[6:6:8:8] sts from left sleeve stitch holder, 16[16:18:18:18] sts down left front of neck edge, 13[15:15:19:19] sts across centre front, 16[16:18:18:18] sts up right front neck edge, 6[6:6:8:8] sts from right sleeve stitch holder, pick up and knit 4 sts up side of sleeve top, 26[28:28:32:32] sts across back neck. 91[95:99:111:111]sts

Size (in)32/3436/3840/4244/4648/50
River 390433445
Wheat 390334555


Size (in)32/3436/3840/4244/4648/50
Cranberry 390856778


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