Bambino DK – T-shirt, Dungarees and Hat



Bambino DK Pattern 9498 T-shirt, Dungarees and Hat

You will need: 1 pair 3.75 mm (UK9 –USA5) knitting needles. 1 pair 4 mm (UK8 –USA6) knitting needles. Stitch Holders/spare needles. Stitch Markers. 2 buttons & 7 press studs for Dungarees. 3 buttons for T-shirt.

Pattern Errata: BACK BIB Remove all markers on next row. With ws facing and working on the 44[48:50:54] sts for Back bib only: Next row: Purl. Next row (rs): P4, ssk, k to last 6 sts, k2tog, p4. 42[46:48:52] sts. Next row: Purl. Rep last 2 rows 2[3:3:3] times. 38[40:42:46] sts. Next row (rs): P4, p2tog tbl, p to last 6 sts, p2tog, p4. 36[38:40:44] sts.


T Shirt
Size0-6 Months6-12 Months12-24 Years2-3 Years4-5 Years
Clotted Cream 711212233



Size0-6 Months6-12 Months12-24 Months2-3 Years4-5 Years
Clotted Cream 711211111



Size0-6 Months6-12 Months12-24 Months2-3 Years4-5 Years
Grey Mist 711512233

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